Oral health and well-being impacts on many aspects of general health with severe dental decay affecting psycho-social and physical development of children.

This includes:

  • Experiencing pain
  • Disturbed sleep Disrupted eating patterns
  • Days with possible restricted activity, for example absence from school
  • Higher attendance for emergency dental treatment with more antibiotic prescriptions
  • Hospital admissions for general anaesthetic for tooth extraction

The ‘Lets get brushing!’ project will provide children with support and encouragement to brush their teeth on a regular basis as well as promoting other key oral health messages, it will also help them establish routines to ensure children are fit for school and learning and habits which will last a lifetime. Establishing good oral health routines in childhood has long lasting benefits for the individuals and their families. Benefits of good oral health include:

  • Free from distressing pain
  • Able to enjoy a wide range of foods and drinks
  • Confident and happy smiles
  • Increased attendance and involvement in learning
  • Easy and fun dental visits
  • Reduced anxiety when attending dental appointments