#InspireMe – inspiring children and young people in Stonehouse and beyond

#InspireMe is the latest project launched by Millfields Inspired.  It aims to build on the great work of Widening Horizons and continue to offer high-quality opportunities to local children from year 5 onwards.  Opportunities which will excite, inspire, challenge and be the start of dreams!

The project launched locally in August 2018 with a programme of summer activities for 8-12 year olds.  Over 3 weeks 43 children took part in a wide variety of activities – exploring nature, learning to facepaint, robotics and coding, sport and nutrition, filmmaking, engineering and more.  Not only did children try new things but they also went to new places, made new friends, met some interesting ‘experts’ and had lots and lots of fun.

It was a very busy few weeks but was amazing.  #InspireMe was helped by CATERed, University of Plymouth, The National Careers College, Flint and Steel Forest School, Apple, National Marine Aquarium and many thanks go out for helping us make it happen.

It’s inspired us to look at what exciting things we can get up to next!