Every year, Millfields Inspired invite the year five primary school children from Stonehouse to a celebration Bar-B-Q at Firestone Bay, Devil’s Point. All year 5 children and their families from High Street, St Peters, St Georges, St Andrews, Cathedral, Pilgrim and the Plymouth School of Creative Arts are invited to come along.

The Marine Biological Association’s outreach Beach Ranger team will be there delivering marine-themed activities ahead of their summer holiday programme. They will be doing arts and crafts, litter picking, and talking about Ocean Literacy as part of the MBA’s Sea Change project.

We give out a Rocky Shore Creatures Identification Guide for all to enjoy, full of fun facts and a ‘test your knowledge’ bit on beach litter.

Each year the children write their own story after learning more about beach litter and about jobs in, on and around the water with John Hepburn from the Marine Conservation Society. They also learn about different jobs right on their own doorstep with help from Mayflower Marina, Sonardyne International and Clean Coast Services via the Widening Horizons programme, run by Millfields Inspired.

Josanne Stewart, Millfields Inspired Development Manager said “The children are always very well behaved when they come with me on Widening Horizons activities and so this is a chance for them to have some fun with their families and friends as a reward for their interest during our trips to different places of work.” “It’s also an opportunity for us all to think more about how to keep our oceans free from plastic.”

The children and their families will get a chance to go rock-pooling, make ocean accessories with Mariana Lopez from The Ocean corner and also enjoy a free burger or hotdog and complimentary drink.